Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling of Minnesota provides secure, full-service electronics & computer recycling, data destruction & HD shredding for commercial and residential customers.

They will be taking many electronics for free to make it easy to drop off and responsibly recycle your old items. Some things are more difficult to recycle and do have a cost to recycle.

Free Computer & Mobile Device Recycling
  • Laptop & Notebook Computers*

  • Desktop PC Towers, Servers & Workstations*

  • Gaming Systems

  • SmartPhones & Other Cell Phones

  • Tablets & E-Readers

*All personal information is sanitized using either logical or physical data destruction methods.


Free Electronic Peripherals Recycling
  • Remote Controls

  • Keyboards & Mice, Cords, Cables, Power Strips

  • Memory, Processors, Motherboards, Video & Audio Cards

  • Incomplete Desktop and Server Cases

  • Hard Drives, External Drives, Magnetic Drives

  • Power Adapters, Power Strips, & Docking Stations

  • VOIP Systems, Phone Systems

Free Battery Recycling
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries

  • Cell Phone & Laptop Batteries

  • Lead Acid (Car & UPS) Batteries

  • Lithium, Ni-Cad, & Ni-Mh Batteries

*Alkaline AA, AAA, C, & D batteries do not need to be recycled and can be put in your trash.

We can't accept everything for free, some items are more difficult to recycle.

These types of electronics can be recycled for a small fee when you arrive:

  • Home Audio/Video Equipment (stereos, DVD players, cable boxes) - $2

  • Speakers - $2

  • Small Appliances (toasters, coffee makers, vacuums) - $2

  • Power Tools - $2

  • Fluorescent Light Tubes - $1-$2 each

These types of electronics cost a little more to recycle because of their size:

  • Printers - starting at $15

  • Monitors (flat screen) - $10

  • TVs (flat screen) - $1-$1.50 per inch (diagonal)

  • CRT (Tube) TVs & Monitors - $2 per inch (diagonal)

  • Microwaves - $15

  • Large Home Appliances - $45